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Selahatin Whitening Toothpaste

18,33 €

Selahatin is introducing the future of oral luxury. With a series of whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes and oral sprays the brand has the ambition to elevate the emotional experiences of everyday ceremonies.

Amorist : Green Mint, Peppermint & Menthol
A soft and romantic mint inspired by unstained affection and devotion. Amorist gently fuses green mint, peppermint and menthol, resulting in a restrained expression of a 1 quintessential.

Escapist : Cinnamon, Orange & Peppermint
Escapist represents a more perfect union between the ordinary and the extraordinary. It blends delicate but vivid cinnamon with lush almond, opulent grapefruit, pulpy bitter orange and sun-kissed oranges with wintergreen peppermint.

Blue Forever : Citrus, lime, licorice & peppermint
Nostalgia is an ache in your heart far more potent than memory alone.
It’s the place we yearn to go again.
A place where we know we’re loved and safe.
Back home.

Of Course I Still Luv You : Verbena, bergamot, cardamom & pine
Capturing the inherent romantic and intimate essence of Selahatin, Of Course I Still Luv You is a tribute to hope and fidelity. Under a spell of citrusy verbena and bergamot, draped in exotic and mysterious cardamom and a holy union between woody pine and aromatic juniper, a picturesque tale of young innocent love and spring blossoms.

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