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Fumparfum Archive 50ml

58,33 €

Let's take and open the ARCHIVE OF ALCHEMIST. Here, as in Pandora's box, the most beautiful notes of perfumery are stored. It is infinite and seems never-ending.

This conceptual mood & ambient fragrance collection has been started at the end of 2023. These mono fragrances reveal the most beautiful nuances of the perfumer's palette. Their use is universal. These fragrances are made to create a mood, to perfume a space or simply to collect for your senses.

TOMATO gives us a warm gust of smell from grandma's greenhouse, where the tastiest tomatoes ripen, satured with moisture, sun and heat.

GREEN LEAF intoxicates us with the smell of spring buds and leaves unfolding, when the air is fresh and just flutters around.

The sharp but intoxicating smell of GIN gives us a happy moment after tasting a sip of warming juniper Gin (& Tonic?) on a cold day.

The warm and delicate smell of FIG LEAF gives us the great pleasure of walking around the garden of the Mediterranean coast, with the most delicious figs falling in the sun.

BLACK TEA gives us the warming and cozy smell of Ceylon black tea, spreading like in the best Five O'Clock salons in the late afternoon.

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