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Porter Tanker Wallet

95,83 €


The "TANKER" series, which was announced in 1983 and is synonymous with PORTER.

It uses an original 3-layer structure fabric developed with the motif of the US Air Force flight jacket "MA-1". The 3-layer fabric of nylon twill (surface) + polyester cotton (middle layer) + nylon taffeta (back) is very light, and the soft feel of the bonding material and the vivid rescue orange on the back are attractive. This series is full of the thorough attention of Yoshida&Co. craftsmen in all processes from cutting to sewing and parts.

Metal fittings such as aluminum fasteners, snap buttons, saddle snap, etc., which were rare at the time of the announcement, are intentionally made to peel off so that the aging will appear as they are used.

A horizontal bi-fold wallet with a simple design. The interior has two types of bill compartments, an open type and a zipper type, and multiple card slots, and a zipper pocket on the back that can be used as a coin purse. In addition, it has a double ring that can be attached to a wallet cord, etc.

Number of pockets
Bills: 1 Coins: 1 Cards: 7 Other pockets: 3
* All models come with original pouch.

"IRON BLUE" announced in 2021 is an elegant and calm color that is a deep shade of the traditional Japanese color ""TETSUKON"".

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